Q & A

What is Tagtime Mobile Laser Tag?

Outdoor Laser Tag is a revolutionary new outdoor sport currently sweeping across the nation. Each player is equipped with an infrared laser and sensor headband. The “laser” fires a harmless infra-red beam,(similar to your television remote control) received by sensors based on other player’s gun, and headband, to establish a ‘hit’. Teams are assigned missions to complete like “Escort”, “Domination” or “Search and Destroy”. We have a variety of missions for every level and age of players; no mission ever plays the same twice.

Who can participate in TagTime events?

Anyone aged 5 and older, male or female - everyone can play to a level that they find comfortable! Laser Tag mission simulations are great fun for the casual player and our structured strategy missions are designed to encourage working together as a team, leadership skills and effective communication. The ultimate mission game, combining role-play and problem-solving, guarantees an experience unlike any other.

How do the Taggers function?

The laser system has been built around a safe, robust and reliable high-tech infrared mission system with lasers modeled on futuristic-type weapons. With an effective range of over 1500 feet, realistic digitized sounds and multiple modes of fire, this is technology with attitude!

What can I expect from a TagTime event?

On arrival at your location, The Play field will be outlined and set up. When players arrive, they are issued our state-of-the-art outdoor laser tag Gear. Players are divided into teams and given a TagTime mission briefing by our Field Marshal. Each TagTime mission can have several different tasks or assignments and are tailored to the age and experience level of the players.