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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Tagtime Mobile Laser Tag?

A: Outdoor Laser Tag is a revolutionary new outdoor sport currently sweeping across the nation. Each player is equipped with an infrared laser and sensor headband. The “laser” fires a harmless infra-red beam,(similar to your television remote control) received by sensors based on other player’s gun, and headband, to establish a ‘hit’. Teams are assigned missions to complete like “Escort”, “Domination” or “Search and Destroy”. We have a variety of missions for every level and age of players; no mission ever plays the same twice.

Q: Who can participate in TagTime events?

A: Anyone aged 5 and older, male or female - everyone can play to a level that they find comfortable! Laser Tag mission simulations are great fun for the casual player and our structured strategy missions are designed to encourage working together as a team, leadership skills and effective communication. The ultimate mission game, combining role-play and problem-solving, guarantees an experience unlike any other.


Q: How do the Taggers function?

A: The laser system has been built around a safe, robust and reliable high-tech infrared mission system with lasers modeled on futuristic-type weapons. With an effective range of over 1500 feet, realistic digitized sounds and multiple modes of fire, this is technology with attitude!


Q: What can I expect from a TagTime event?

A: On arrival at your location, The Play field will be outlined and set up. When players arrive, they are issued our state-of-the-art outdoor laser tag Gear. Players are divided into teams and given a TagTime mission briefing by our Field Marshal. Each TagTime mission can have several different tasks or assignments and are tailored to the age and experience level of the players.


Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear loose fitting clothing to make running and moving around easier.


Q: Are there any other costs other then the session fee?

A: No! At the start of your game, your marshal will load up your Tagger with enough lives to get you through your mission - these lives should last you a whole game - if you are clever enough not to get “tagged” by the other team.

Q: How well do the Laser work indoors and at night?

A: TagTime uses the most advanced Laser Tag equipment available to ensure accurate scoring in bright sunlight, but they work equally as well indoors with lights or in a darkened area. Nighttime missions add a very different and exciting element to the game. 


 Q: How much room is needed to play?

A: When setting up a field at your location we take a number of things into consideration. Are we going to need to use our own obstacles or can we use the surroundings? Example; if your facility is a wooded one then we can work with the natural surroundings plus our own barriers and obstacles. If your facility has a large open field we can set up an in-depth course that will suit your needs. Courses range in a variety of sizes that will challenge players of all ages. If your facility has a large building, we can set up inside if you would like. For indoor facilities, we have barriers and obstacles that will not damage the floors. Indoor missions are just as fun as outdoor missions due to the courses that we can provide.


Q: How long do the missions last?

A: The length of each mission will vary from 8 minutes to 30 minutes. Several factors are considered when determining the mission time. The age of the players, the size of the field, the mission objective, and the number of players that need to participate in the event.


Q: How do you know when you’re been hit?

A: When you take a ‘hit’ the Tagger will sound ‘ouch’. The Laser will sound “Warning” when you have reached one life. Once all lives have been used, the laser will sound “you have been tagged out” and the laser will power down. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re out of the event. Taggers are re-activated for each game. View equipment video.


Q: How do you win the games?

A: Each mission has a different objective... but most are determined by the number of opposing players eliminated.


Q: Why should my group play outdoor laser tag with TagTime?

A: Whether you are having a birthday party, corporate outing, team building event, summer camp trip, or church group event, TagTime will provide you with the very best activity for both females and males. TagTime will assist your group in developing: New Friendships, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication skills, and Peer Support. The most important element we will bring to any event is our ability to ensure that everyone will have fun! TagTime can customize any program to fit your budget as well as your group's goals for the event. We hope that you will call TagTime to allow us to design an event that will be unparalleled to any other event you have ever experienced.

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